Share the road with bicyclists

Share the road with bicyclists

Motorists have to share the road with many people under many circumstances. Keeping in mind the phrase “share the road” is important under all situations. When drivers forget this simple rule, it can lead to aggressive and entitled behaviour. Keeping a cool head and a generous demeanour keeps more people safe on the road.

Everyone should treat everyone else with the same respect that they would show their grandmothers, with patience, and with a basic understanding that if someone is in your way, they aren’t doing it to annoy you. It is likely that they aren’t even thinking about you. Just like you are not thinking about being in the way of the person behind you.

Bicyclists are in one of the most vulnerable positions when out on the road. For some reason, aggressive drivers see bicyclists as easy targets, so they will do harmful and potentially fatal things to them like yelling, throw objects, slapping them, or trying to push them off of the road. Motorists should remember that bicycles don’t have a crumple zone around them.

Besides the basics (referred to in the video), here are some safety tips for motorists:

  • Give bicyclists extra room in inclement weather.
  • Do not pass bicyclists when you are about to make a right turn.
  • Be extra aware of the cyclist after you pass them and decide to move into their lane.. If the person is riding faster than you think, you might not have completely passed them.
  • Yield to oncoming bicyclists just as you would yield to oncoming motorists. The vehicle code should be followed by both the motorist and cyclist.
  • Look for bicyclists who may be approaching before opening your car door.
  • Be extra careful around kids on bikes.
  • Don’t honk your horn, yell or whistle when driving by a cyclist. Scaring them could cause and accident.
  • Share the road.

Be kind to the people you encounter. You never know who might be able to reciprocate at a later time.

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